Where is Christopher Radko Now?

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Occasionally, a fan of our Polish-made ornaments wonders to themselves, “what happened to Christopher Radko?.” Due to his disappearance from the public eye, rumors of Christopher Radko’s death began circulating amongst ornament fans. Don’t worry! Not only is Christopher Radko alive, he’s living out his dream.

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Source: The Cavender Diary

Most people know the origin of Christopher Radko's ornaments. In his early 20’s, Radko accidentally caused their family Christmas tree to fall, which ended up shattering over 1000 fragile glass ornaments that had been passed down for many generations. Since Americans typically decorated their Christmas trees with paper ornaments during this time period; replacing glass ornaments was near-impossible. With the help of Polish glass-blowers, Christopher Radko unleashed his creativity and began designing festive holiday ornaments for an American market.

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Source: CHRISTOPHER RADKO profile CBS Sunday Morning

One would think Christopher Radko was a celebrity of sorts! After all, he's been in the holiday industry since 1985. Radko ornaments have decorated the White House and adorned Christmas trees of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor, and Maria Shriver. His revolution of the way we decorate our family Christmas trees has been covered by The Today Show, HGTV, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Oddly, there’s no Wikipedia page for him, a non-existent social media presence, and there’s very little recent press coverage on him.

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Source: Christopher Radko - America's Holiday Expert

Searching for his name on Google won’t help too much, since he shares his name with his glittery glass ornaments. Keep in mind, Christopher Radko hasn’t been in the Christmas industry since about 2005. He split ways with the company, leaving behind talented designers and artists that he personally trained in the art of ornament creation. The quality of future Christopher Radko ornaments was left in good hands.

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It’s a little known fact that Christopher Radko was also a fan of organic farming, gardening, and flowers. His parents would take him to the Bronx Botanical Garden when he was a child. It was there that he discovered the beauty of wild lavender. A few years after his departure from ornaments, he would sell lavender oil and other floral fragrances that were tied to his childhood. You can still find instances of these products around the internet, but it seems he's moved on to other exciting adventures.

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In recent years, Radko came across a town called Garrison, New York. It was here that they filmed the 1969 movie, “Hello Dolly!”, which was one of Radko’s favorite movies as a child. It was a musical starring Barbra Streisand that consists of glamorous songs and extravagant production. While traveling along the Hudson River, he giddily explored the real-life locations of iconic scenes from the movie and fell in love with Garrison. Radko was so ecstatic that he ended up moving there, which is where he resides today.

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Source: HELLO, DOLLY! film screening presentation with Christopher Radko

For the 50th anniversary of “Hello Dolly!”, Christopher Radko organized a multi-day festival in Garrison to commemorate the film. There was even a huge re-enactment of musical numbers that marched down the street in movie-accurate costumes. Tommy Tune, one of the stars from the movie, joined the festivities to sing along!

Christopher Radko has been living his dreams of his childhood and sharing the beautiful joys of his passions with others. From collectible heirloom ornaments to flowers to festivals, he’s been able to create wonderful experiences for everyone he meets. He’s allegedly working on a memoir of his life to be released next year. Who knows what magical stories will be inside?

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