New Christopher Radko Glitter Christmas Ornament Technique

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New Christopher Radko 2013 Glitter Techniques

This year Christopher Radko introduced a new glitter technique with which the inside of several ornaments are lined with glitter, instead of the traditional technique with which they are glittered on the outside.

With these ornaments, Radko uses either gold or silver glitter but the paint on the outside makes the glitter look like an array of different colors. They have a really colorful, fun, and different look because of this new technique.

The finish on the outside is smooth like the other Christopher Radko ornaments, but you never have to worry about the glitter coming off because it's on the inside. Although these ornaments are not lined in sterling silver like the other Christopher Radko ornament, they make up for it in style and uniqueness.

Christopher Radko Always Puff a Kiss Animal Ornament

The Always Puff a Kiss Orange ornament is an adorable puffer fish puffed up in its brilliant colors and puckered for a big holiday kiss.

The Always Puff a Kiss Pink ornament is the same ornament but in a pink and purple colors. You can see the glitter shining through from the inside while still having that smooth and polished finish.

Be sure to check out the entire 2013 Christopher Radko Ornament Collection!
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