Our Favorite Past & Present Radko Ornaments

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At Christopher Radko Gallery, we found that working for our magical company has sparked a passion for these beautiful Christmas ornaments. We love Radko ornaments just as much as all of you! Any devoted Christopher Radko collector is bound to know some ornaments are able to speak to your heart more than others. Here's some of our staff's favorite vintage Radko ornaments and from the 2019 collection on our website.

Jennifer's Favorite Ornaments

Christopher Radko Wizard of Oz ornament collection Friends Indeed 1011325 Tin Man Scarecrow Cowardly Lion

VINTAGE: Friends Indeed (1011325) is from the Wizard of Oz collection and includes three separate ornaments of the characters Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow in the classic film. The entire series of ornaments features Kansas Cutie, Green Sweep Wicked Witch, Glinda Glam, Emerald City and Toto Trouble.

Christopher Radko Asleep in the Manger religious ornament baby jesus

CURRENT: Asleep in the Manger (1019919) is an ornament with the virgin Mary, Joseph and the newborn baby Jesus asleep inside of the manger with the North Star shining brightly overhead the family and livestock. This religious ornaments is a fantastic way to remember the reason for the season!

Morgen's Favorite Ornaments

Christopher Radko hand painted spring flowers ornament 861210

VINTAGE: Spring Flowers (86-121-0) was made in 1986 and features six round, hand-painted ornaments with different kinds of flowers on each. There are three with a black background and three with a white background.

Christopher Radko my little red wagon ornament toys exclusive 3013456

CURRENT: My Little Red Wagon Christmas (3013456) includes a variety of brightly colored toys a gifts piled high in a classic red wagon. This nostalgic ornament is sure to bring a smile to those admiring it and includes a space on the front that can be personalized with a name or date!

Anna's Favorite Ornaments

 Christopher Radko ornament Shy Kitten 890662

VINTAGE: Shy Kitten (89-066-2) is an ornament of a cute little cat with blue eyes standing up. The cat is wearing a green jacket with silver glitter trim and dark blue pants.

Christopher Radko peacock santa ornament

CURRENT: Princely Peacock Santa (1019863) has Santa wearing a fabulous peacock inspired robe with deep indigo and green colors. He is also holding a peacock and has a gold scepter decorated with emeralds.

Yasmin's Favorite Ornaments

 Christopher Radko retired giraffe ornament gerard 932520

VINTAGE: Gerard (93-252-0) is a shiny gold giraffe with brown spots standing on all four legs. It has a coquettish expression in the eyes. The ornament was part of the 1993 collection.

 Christopher Radko charity ornament purple alzheimer's never forget elephant 1020014

CURRENT: Never Forget Elephant (1020014) is one of 10 featured in the 2019 Charity Awareness collection and specifically benefits Alzheimer's Awareness. This adorable ornament is of a cute elephant dressed in brilliant purple winter clothes holding a Christmas present and balloons with a purple ribbon.

Matthew's Favorite Ornaments

 Christopher Radko retired disney dream alice in wonderland collection

VINTAGE: Dream Alice (87-028-0) was inspired by the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland. The collection features three round ornaments with characters from the movie which are hand-painted in black. The ornaments also have different colored backgrounds; the Duchess is paired with golden yellow, Alice has a white background and the Cheshire Cat's depicted on a light pink ornament.

 Christopher Radko Lightning Glam Nick santa david bowie christmas ornaments aladdin sane

CURRENT: Lightning Glam Nick (1019863) is a highly unique ornament of a glamorous bright white Santa painted with a pink and blue lightning bolt on his hat and over his left eye to honor English musician David Bowie. The iconic symbol was produced by Bowie for the Aladdin Sane album cover in 1973 and it lives on with this exclusive Radko piece.

Ella's Favorite Ornaments

Christopher Radko retired Sailing Sun ornament 931721

VINTAGE: Sailing Sun (93-172-1) shows the sun sitting atop velvety soft angel hair which is on a silver rocket. The rocket has a gold glittered tip and is decorated with blue stars and golden shooting which are painted on. There are also gold wires streaming down from the sun.

Christopher Radko gumball goodies candy sweets treats ornament 1020027

CURRENT: Gumball Goodies (1020027) is a delicious looking ornament of a colorful gumball machine decorated to look like a festive gingerbread house. It is covered in delectable icing, tasty candy canes, and sweet gum drops, this holiday gumball machine is full of goodies!

Jenna's Favorite Ornaments

Christopher Radko retired disney aladdin's lamp ornament

VINTAGE: Aladdin's Lamp (93-273-0) was inspired by the Disney animated musical released in 1992. The ornament is of the magical lamp shown in the film and has "Aladdin" written in gold glitter on the side.

Christopher Radko Ramen Roadster food truck ornament noodles 1019827

CURRENT: Ramen Roadster (1019827) is an adorable ornament which features a food truck serving delicious ramen noodle soup. The truck's paint job includes a cute smiling bowl of ramen and baby Panda. A giant bowl of noodles complete with chopsticks ready to dig in sits on top of the roadster.

Jeff's Favorite Ornaments

Christopher Radko retired Copter Santa helicopter ornament 941721

VINTAGE: Copter Santa (94-172-1) is an ornament of a shiny pink and gold-glittered helicopter occupied by Santa in the cockpit. The ornament crown acts as the helicopter rotor which is topped by four blades.

Christopher Radko Light Speed Santa rocket ship ornament 1019802

CURRENT: Lightspeed Santa (1019802) features Santa piloting a colorful rocket ship taking design cues from vintage science fiction illustration. Lightning bolts and flame detail create the effect of light speed travel ensuring that St. Nick gets to all his stops in record time this year!