What You Didn't Know About Your Christopher Radko Tags

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One way to be sure your Christopher Radko ornament is authentic is by identifying the oval tag attached to the each and every ornament topper. Each tag features the Christopher Radko logo and a brief paragraph describing the nature of the ornament and goal behind each handcrafted design. Underneath this paragraph, you will find the name and item number of design which is helpful if you ever need to reference your ornament in anyway.

The rectangular product tag was replaced with an oval design around 2007-2008 and is continued to this day. The gold foiled detailing is consistent with the timelessness of Christopher Radko ornaments, and each tag is color coded to let you know if there is a special characteristic associated with that particular design.

Christopher Radko Ornaments Red Tags

Red Tags

The red Christopher Radko ornament tag is the standard product tag associated with each year's collection. You can identify an authentic and current Radko ornament and Little Gems if the product tag is a bright branded red.

Christopher Radko Charity Ornaments Green Tags

Green Tags

A green product tag is designated to a Christopher Radko charity ornament. Each year, Christopher Radko releases specific ornaments associated with different non-profit or charity organizations. A portion of the proceeds is donated at the end of every year to each of these organizations to help support research, awareness and those affected by each cause. This year's charity collection features ornaments including Santa Wears Pink (Breast Cancer Awareness), AIDS Awareness Christmas Tree, Gift of a Forever Family (Dave Thomas Adoption Ornament), and Never Forget (Alzheimer's Awareness). See the full 2019 Charity Collection.

Christopher Radko Limited Edition Ornaments Off White Tags

Off-White Tags

An off-white tag is given to Limited Edition ornaments in the Christopher Radko collection. Only a certain amount of ornaments are crafted for each Limited Edition design making them highly collectible and irreplaceable. Each ornament is assigned a specific number which is handwritten on the back of the tag along with the total number that was ever made of each design. If you come across a Christopher Radko ornament with an off-white tag, know it is one-of-a-kind and extremely rare. See the full 2019 Limited Edition Collection.

Christopher Radko Exclusive Ornaments Purple Tags

Purple Tags

The purple Christopher Radko tag is associated with exclusive ornaments that can only be found at singular locations. Premiere Radko retailers are given the option to bring back past designs that have been previously retired or offer completely original designs at their location or on their website. These ornaments are excellent collector's pieces because they are unique and quantity is usually limited. At Christopher Radko Gallery, we have over 60 ornaments in our 2019 collection that you would not be able to find anywhere else. Many of our exclusives can even be personalized with a name, date or custom message, making excellent gifts and one-of-a-kind additions to your tree. See the full 2019 Exclusives Collection.

Not only are Christopher Radko product tags a great indicator of official Radko ornaments, they also contain useful information that can helpful you identify your specific ornaments name, number and characteristics. If you have any other questions about your Christopher Radko ornament or ornament tags, please feel free to chat with our Customer Service Team.

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