How Christopher Radko Ornaments Are Made

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Whenever you look up at your favorite Radko ornaments, do you ever wonder how such detail and intricacy came to be? Radko ornaments have captured the hearts of millions for over 30 years with their distinct style and hand-crafted features. You may love to shop and collect these stunning ornaments, but have you ever learned how Christopher Radko ornaments are actually made? From initial design to final production, the process of creating one ornament takes over a year!

Radko artists begin the design process with a detailed illustration of the initial ornament idea. Pulling inspiration from Christmas classics, fine paintings, suggestions from collectors and life events, designers works tirelessly to prepare the perfect piece of art for the ornaments. The teams then collaborate to inspect minute details of every ornament’s design. After this thorough review of the illustrations, multiple revisions are made so that the development can begin.

radko oranment original artwork

Now that the flat art is complete, the ornament illustration is sent to Poland where a sculptor creates a three-dimensional clay mold. This mold is then checked and re-checked by the Radko team who inspects every detail to insure undeniable quality. Once the mold from Poland is approved, the design is shipped to a mold maker who creates a Renaissance-style sand-cast model from molten metal. This is a year-long process of sculpting, molding, and sampling for each ornament. After this final mold is created, the seven day process of bringing the ornament to life officially begins.

radko oranment molds

This production stage involves skilled artisans in family-owned European factories making each ornament by hand. These artists blow, silver, hand-lacquer and embellish each and every ornament, taking a full seven days from start to finish.

On day one of production, the glassblower uses clear tempered glass to make a strong and solid ornament. This tempered glass helps create the weight that is unique to Radko glass ornaments. Day two of production consists of silvering the ornament to give it the signature Radko luminescence. This stunning silver provides a consistent base for each hand-painted stroke of paint to shine its brightest. For day three, artists apply a base coat of matte lacquer by hand to each ornament. After this layer dries for a full 24 hours, day 4 consists of a second layer of matte lacquer and additional colors.

radko oranment tempered glass silvered mold base lacquer

On day five, meticulous details are applied finely by hand. This painstaking process focuses on the minute details of each ornament, creating the personalized touch and variations unique to each Radko ornament. Day six consists of bringing the ornaments to life with dazzling details and final magical touches. Artists add glitter to every contour of each ornament to ensure a sparkling view from every angle of your tree. The seventh and final day of production for Radko ornaments includes a thorough inspection to insure craftsmanship of the highest caliber. The perfect final touch for each ornament is the golden Radko charm and custom designed R-A-D-K-O ornament crown. Now that the ornaments are done, they are tagged and carefully packaged for shipment to stores all over the country.

radko oranment painted details

So the next time you admire your Christopher Radko collection, take a moment to remember and appreciate the time and effort that went into creating these stunning works of art!

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