How Radko Dome Ornaments Are Made

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We've already written about how Christopher Radko ornaments are made, from the first artistic rendering, to the mold creation process, all the way through the fine, hand-painted details that make Christopher Radko ornaments so beautiful and unique. But beyond the stunning artistry of the standard glass-blown ornaments are the distinctive Dome ornaments, which are specially made to resemble a snow globe.

Christopher Radko Christmas Cottage ornament

Christopher Radko Christmas Cottage Ornament 1019670

European glass blower artisans create these ornaments through the use of two separate pieces of glass. First, the interior and base design is created with one piece of glass through the standard process of creating a Christopher Radko ornament. It is sculpted, made into a mold, blown into glass, silvered on the interior, and hand painted with select lacquers.

Christopher Radko Snowdome of Toys Ornament

Christopher Radko Snowdome of Toys Ornament 1019895

Then to achieve the look of a snow globe, the glass blower creates a large free-blown sphere of clear glass. The blower then cuts the glass on one side allowing the interior and base ornament to be attached. The dome is secured to the interior and base ornament with glue and the seal is covered with glitter or a decorative cord. As a final touch, the dome receives hand-painted details to create a cohesive look to the overall design.

Christopher Radko One Happy Camper Ornament

Christopher Radko One Happy Camper Ornament 1019824

How special and unique are these hand-made, mouth-blown ornaments? They would certainly be a unique addition to any Radko collector's Christmas tree or proudly presented on an ornament stand of its very own.

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