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Christopher Radko Charity Christmas Ornaments

The 2014 Christopher Radko Charity ornament collection can help bring warmth to your heart and to someone else's as well! This collection has the power to inspire. Each of these Awareness ornaments is made in collaboration with specific charities in order to create a piece that embodies the spirit of those who are fighting for their lives every day. What a way to not only bring Christmas cheer to your house, but to also spread it all around for everyone else! This year the ornaments will support mental illness awareness, world hunger awareness, autism awareness, breast cancer awareness, HIV/AIDS awareness, Alzheimer's awareness, pediatric cancer awareness, and lymphoma awareness.

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2014 Radko Pretty in Pink Ornament 1017123
Price: $56.00
Radko Breast Cancer Charity Santa Ornament

2014 Radko Ruby Remembrance Ornament 1017471
Price: $56.00
Radko HIV/AIDS Charity Santa Ornament

2014 Hands Across the World 1017462
Price: $56.00
Radko World Hunger Charity Santa Ornament

2014 Standing for a Cause Alzheimer Charity
Price: $56.00
Radko Alzheimer Charity Nutcracker Ornament

2014 Pediatric Cancer Toy Soldier Topper
Price: $50.00
Radko Pediactric Cancer Charity Nutcracker Ornament

2014 Radko Holding on for Hope Ornament 1017461
Price: $50.00
Radko Autism Charity Santa Ornament

2014 Radko Bring Change 2 Mind Santa Ornament 1017484
Price: $60.00
Radko Mental Illness Charity Santa Ornament

Products 1-7 of 7